Random thoughts

I had my psych appointment with UTSW today. It was kinda meh, I guess. At least she didn’t try to invalidate my difficulty with getting off Abilify, which I was afraid she would. She advised me to continue my tapering method to get off of it. So far I’m down to taking half of a 2mg pill every 3 days or so. I’m actually starting to feel like the end might be in sight.

She’s taking me off the Zoloft (yay) but wants me back on the Pristiq and to get up to 150 mg a day. I seem to remember that it’s not proven to work in doses over 100 mg but I guess we’ll see. And we’ll start tapering off the Klonopin once I’m fully off the Abilify.

I had a weird, random thought about my former best friend that actually made me feel a lot better. She was always really into taking selfies with everybody but me. I always found that weird and wondered why she didn’t take them with me. And suddenly, I just had this lightbulb thought that she probably talked a lot of shit about me to people and that’s probably why she didn’t want proof that we were hanging out.

I don’t know why that made me feel better but it did. I am so much better off without her in my life.

On a totally different note, I’m kinda worried about my husband. His cancer seems to be under control at the moment but it seems like the rest of his body is falling apart. He has like 3 different scans for things unrelated to his cancer in the next week. He goes out of our bedroom almost every night in hopes that sleeping upright on the couch will prevent him from being in pain.

It’s really hard seeing that he’s in pain and knowing that there’s nothing I can really do to help him. 😞

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