Good updates

I have a few good updates from yesterday but I’ll try not to make this too long (we’ll see if I succeed.)

First, I finally got approved to adopt a kitten. (The one I was supposed to get the other day fell through at the last minute—like the SIX other cats I tried to get before it.) The one I’m getting is the one that was meant to be ours, I’m now very sure.

He’s a “tripod” cat because one of his limbs was injured and had to be amputated. All the kids were in unanimous agreement in favor of it when I asked how they would feel about adopting such a kitty. He’s only 8 weeks old and apparently gets around extremely well, especially given his condition. He might even be a bit of a handful, which I think will be so much fun.

I had what ended up being a 1-hour call with the adoption coordinator of the kitten rescue group. Long story short, I found the group I’m going to foster with. They have five 8-week-old kittens who are all healthy and vaccinated and their foster mom is going out of town for a week. They asked me if I wanted to take them as respite care and as a way to get my feet wet with fostering. Yes!!!

Even better, this is a really close-knit group of mostly women who are all connected by their mutual love of saving cats. A couple of them even live in my subdivision!

I think I’m finally going to have the social network I have craved for so long. I remember the first therapist I saw here, who I just didn’t gel with, saying that I needed more social opportunities. But all the ideas she suggested were lame to me, like joining a book club or trying to cover local events as a freelancer. She wasn’t wrong about me needing more social outlets—it’s just that neither of us knew that the cat rescue community was a better fit.

Meanwhile, my stats keep steadily going up at Medium.

I know, it’s still nowhere where I want to be and nothing has gone viral yet. But I’m steadily gaining new followers and people are engaging with my articles, which feels really good.

I also had a good talk with my mom but I think that has to be a separate post.

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