Getting some help

I had an appointment with the social worker associated with my neurologist’s practice yesterday. I was honestly expecting it to be just a one-time thing where she would check in with me about how well I’m coping with my illness.

I was surprised, then, to find out that she’s actually a therapist and I’ll be seeing her by virtual visits every two weeks.

So far, I can’t tell how effective she’ll be compared to other therapists I’ve seen, but honestly, I do usually get some benefit out of seeing a therapist, even if I’ve never yet experienced the kind of relationship with a therapist that I expect and know is possible.

The best part is that she works within the UTSW hospital system, which I absolutely love and can’t say enough good things about. I even have my middle child scheduled to start going there to the sleep clinic at least (they have seriously messed up sleep schedules that they’ve been unable to fix on their own.) They also think that they’re going to request to see a psychiatrist in the UTSW system to manage their antidepressant and I will be doing the same in a couple of weeks.

The best part of all of this is that the UTSW system has very generous patient financial assistance and we qualify for it, despite having above the median income for our area. That means that we never get a bill, which covers our $10,000 family out-of-pocket deductible (minus medications.)

Seeing even a mediocre therapist (if that’s what she turns out to be) is usually beneficial enough to me to be worthwhile when it’s free. It’s harder to justify when I have to pay $60-100 a session out of pocket.

I am just really, really happy that UTSW is so amazing and that I have access to them because of where I live. I probably won’t ever move any further than Oklahoma (assuming Texas doesn’t get its shit together, though I hold out a lot of hope that people are finally fed up enough with our governor to vote him out.) I want to stay close enough to UTSW so I can continue to get care there. It really matters a lot for my quality of life and I’m happy that gradually, more of my family is switching over care to them, too.

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