Writing and breakthroughs

I’m still writing at Medium a couple of times a week and I’m starting to earn a little bit of money from it. I also like that a lot of what I write about seems to resonate with people and gets picked up for inclusion in various Medium-specific publications. That increases my exposure, which in turn increases how much I get paid.

I’ll probably never get rich from it but I really enjoy it and feel like it’s a really good creative outlet for me. It’s a way that I can write about what I want to without worrying about the money, and I am super happy that my creative voice is not dead after all.

But one of the most unexpected benefits of the writing I do there is that it’s actually bringing me and my mom closer together. I really, really didn’t expect that at all.

I share what I write there with her and she always reads it and gives me honest feedback. If she thinks that something I’ve written rubs her the wrong way, she tells me.

Such a thing happened yesterday. I shared this article I wrote about kids living at home until adulthood and her initial reaction wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t that I felt pressured to change it but rather that I knew her suggestions would make it a stronger piece, which I think they did.

It was the way she responded to the revisions that are a clear example of how our relationship is changing. She said it was “exquisite” and “sheer perfection” and very impactful.

In short, I tentatively think that I’m getting the kind of relationship I always wanted with my mom. But I think I also had to trust her (since my writing there is usually very vulnerable) and I wasn’t always willing to do that.

Did my mom make mistakes over the years? Oh, yes. But she’s shown me that she also really wants to grow. In being willing to trust her with that side of me, she’s reinforcing that she can be trusted. I’m starting to let my guard down and it’s really good.


  1. It’s lovely your mum and you are getting closer. And congrats on writing for medium and making money.

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  2. Your medium post is very interesting. Kids have loans to pay back is a true point. Cost if living etc.

    It is a cultural thing. In other cultures we don’t expect kids to move out, maybe once they are married. But even then it could be a multi generation house hold. But kids move out if they can afford to or with parents help; it is by choice not expectations. Different cultures.

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  3. skinnyhobbit says:

    Definitely echoing culture. In mine, adult children don’t move out until marriage. And multi generational households are common.

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