Interesting after-effects

Suddenly I woke up today and my left arm was hurting significantly less than before. It still hurts a little, but if I were to use a zero-to-10 scale, it was at about an 8 before. Now it’s at a 2 or 3.

J thinks this very well could be because of the micro-dosing. Since my pain is most likely neurological in nature, it makes sense that something that shifts my brain (even just a little) could provide relief from that pain.

I also notice that I feel a lot better today. I was looking for some kind of afterglow effects yesterday and didn’t experience them, so I just wrote it off as though I wouldn’t.

I even (wait for it) don’t need as much time for napping today. I still had a hard time getting going but once I was up, I stayed up.

I even feel more motivated to clean.

I don’t know what this says about my micro-dosing experiment but I’m viewing it a lot more positively now.

As for whether or not I’ll eventually try taking a full dose, I’m still not sure. Since it is said to completely rewire your brain, I’m not sure how it might affect it that the signals in my brain don’t travel very well across my synapses. (That’s kind of what’s wrong with my brain in a nutshell: it’s like a normal brain is a series of connected highways and mine just has pieces missing.)

I don’t think there’s very much research into how psychedelics interact with brain disorders and I’m not sure I feel like making myself into a guinea pig. But on the other hand, what if it turns out to be something that makes me much better?


  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    Maybe stick with micro dosing for a while and log your experiences? I definitely hope it consistently helps you.

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    1. Holly says:

      Thanks! I have decided I’m going to try it again for sure. The pain in my arm is starting to return so that’s a bad thing. But I have noticed that ever since the first time I did it and cried so much about losing J, I’ve been in a much better space in terms of thinking about his eventual death. It doesn’t feel nearly as immediate anymore (which makes sense, since it isn’t immediate.)

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      1. skinnyhobbit says:



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