Being a hippie

It’s kinda funny because I never really fit in with any groups in high school. I hung out with punks and skaters but always got the sense that I was never quite one of them. I was viewed as too much of a “normie,” I think.

But the interesting part (to me, at least) is that my kids view me as being kind of a hippie. My youngest asked me the other day if I’ve ever been in this store in the mall called Earthbound Trading Company, because he said it seemed like the kind of thing that I would like.

They sell tie-dye clothes (and did long before that became trendy), crystals, mandalas, Buddhist art, etc. And it is indeed the kind of thing that I like.

I found it interesting for some reason that my kids view me as a hippie, though. I guess that’s accurate. I know what herbs can be used to treat common health conditions. I really like spicy and earthy scents, including patchouli. My taste in home decor (especially in my office, which is like my personal space where I can express my taste the most) includes lots of candles and books, a Buddha statue, a Hindu tapestry on the wall, and prayer flags.

I wonder what, if anything, they think about having a hippie mom. I do find it interesting that they all have that view of me since I’m pretty quiet about it. Naturally, those views come out in conversation. But I also think that this is just naturally who I am and who I’ve always really been.

I don’t have to work at it or pretend to be different than I am to try to fit in or impress anyone. I pretty much have a “live and let live” philosophy about most things. I hope that at least in that regard, my kids have benefited from the fact that I’m usually pretty chill and laidback (no matter how much I might wish that I were more naturally ambitious.)


  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    I think it’s sweet 😀

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    1. Holly says:

      Thanks! ❤️

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