Better days…sorta

The downside of today was that I completely slept through the time when I was supposed to have a telehealth visit with my neurologist. It wasn’t particularly early, either.

I still have no creativity left to write any personal essays, either. I really think that my part-time job is completely kicking my ass. It’s only temporary, so I guess I’ll probably stick it out. But not being able to get my evening naps is already taking its toll…plus I also feel like I’m coming down with a cold that my youngest has had for a couple of days.

On the bright side, though, I did have a bit of a chance to talk with my husband. He said that it’s not really possible or realistic to try to make every day special. I’m not sure if I’ll really be able to release myself from that expectation but I’ll try.

He also strongly argued against me going back to Michigan whenever he’s gone. He said that although housing is indeed cheaper there, so many other things are more expensive. And dealing with snow and ice again on a regular basis would be disastrous, since my balance is not very steady anymore.

And the healthcare is also much worse and more expensive there. Being able to go to a research hospital like UTSW means that they have very generous financial aid. (Not to mention that they actually understand what type of illness I have.)

He’s also pretty confident that I can make it work here, even if I’m not able to buy a house. He was also looking into housing for sale in other neighborhoods, where the areas aren’t quite as popular as where we live now, and are therefore a bit more affordable.

Ideally, I’d still like to have a house like this one, with plenty of space and enough bedrooms that the kids will always have a place to stay if needed. But that’s really a want more than a need, and realistically, I can likely afford to rent a 1-bedroom apartment at the very least.

I guess it does kind of make me feel better that no matter what happens, I probably won’t have to leave this area, even if my circumstances are less than ideal. He always knows how to talk me down when my anxiety has me hanging off a ledge.

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