Oh, wow! I’m blowing up!

So I’ve shared the links that I’ve shared to the 3 articles I’ve written so far for Medium. The first 2 had a couple hundred page views; not too shabby, but certainly nothing I’d ever be able to make into a career.

The most recent one I wrote, The Cultural Lie of Mother’s Day, was chosen for greater distribution today and since then, it has absolutely Blown. Up.

An editor of an online social justice magazine contacted me and asked if she could publish the article, saying that she would be “honored” to do so. (Little did she know that the honor is really all mine, since writing essays about social justice topics is pretty much my greatest dream as a writer!)

I secretly hoped that eventually, one of my articles there would get some major attention, but I just didn’t expect it to happen this quickly. I am so excited to keep writing and to see what happens next.

On another note, I picked up a part-time job grading English/language arts essays and I sailed through training. I had to pass several sample grading tests, using the criteria I learned to apply to each one, and I nailed it, scoring 100 percent on all of them.

Things indeed do look a lot better today.

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  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    Excited for you! ❤


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