Financial planning

So I did some math tonight and my new job will give me about $200 a month more than I currently make from disability plus freelancing, after taxes are taken out.

Of course, that presumes that my current freelancing gig (which I’ve been doing for two years) will last forever, which I know isn’t always reliable. That work could vanish tomorrow.

And of course, I hope I wouldn’t stay at entry-level wages forever.

But I also found an online Social Security calculator that estimated how much I would get for survivor benefits from my husband at age 50 if I’m still on disability. And the amount that I’d get from survivor benefits is significant enough that I might be better off staying on disability.

Of course, whether he’ll make it to age 50 isn’t guaranteed, though I like to think it’s fairly likely because that’s only two years from now. If I’m on disability and he dies before I’m 50, I’d have a couple of lean years until then. But assuming that Amy and her boyfriend stay together, he’s assured me that they wouldn’t let me drown.

I’m not really sure what to do now. I guess I’m going to try the job and figure that I can just throw my earnings and disability income at trying to reduce my debt quickly (which would also significantly improve my credit score, which will be essential once I’m trying to get approved for rentals on my own.)

As I was reading about the various possible white matter diseases I might have, many of them said that high stress could accelerate the pace of the disease progression. So that’s also obviously a factor. I don’t actually know yet how much the work will stress me out.

I would have to make quite a bit more per year to equal how much I’d get from disability and survivor benefits. So I guess I’m going to have to see how the job works out and play it by ear.


  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    I hope you’ll be okay. ❤

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    1. Holly says:

      Thanks. I ultimately believe I will be, one way or the other. But some scary times may be ahead. I’ve promised my daughter she would always have a place to stay and I think she will ensure the same for me. She already told me that she told her boyfriend very early in their relationship that she planned to help take care of me and her brothers if necessary after my husband dies.

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