Glad to be alive

No, I haven’t had a near brush with death or anything like that. I was listening to satellite radio and heard Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Holland, 1945,” which is just an upbeat song in general (even though the lyrics are dark—my favorite type of song.)

But then it also triggered a memory of when Stephen Colbert said it was one of his favorite songs and played it at the end of his last episode of The Colbert Report. He was just dancing around really happily, getting into the vibe of the song.

It made me realize that little moments like that, of being touched by music (or witnessing someone else being happily touched by music) is one of the little things that makes this existence better.

Sometimes, I think I get so lost looking for Big Meanings in things that I forget to notice the many moments of Little Meanings.

Sometimes it’s just really good to be alive and I’m appreciating the present moments a lot lately.

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