I fired my neurologist and other stories

I’ve been very unhappy with my neurologist for a long time for a long list of reasons. But I was finally pushed to my limit when I called him 3 days in a row for a prescription refill and specifically requested a call back even if he wasn’t going to fill it. Of course, I got no call. This is par for the course with him.

So I signed up to request an appointment at UT Southwestern, the same place where my husband goes for his cancer treatment. And then I wrote a letter to my neurologist firing his ass. God that just felt so good to do!

On a related note, I’ve decided I’ll probably take the scary Ocrevus after all. I’m so tired all the time that I can barely function at all, let alone exercise. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get at night; I still wake up wanting a nap every day. Sometimes, when I can, I do take a nap shortly after waking…and then another one in the evening, too. I’m tired of how much being tired is ruling my life.

But deciding that I’m finally willing to consider taking Ocrevus made me feel even more certain that I had to ditch my neurologist. If I had a bad reaction to the Ocrevus, the odds aren’t good that he’d ever call me back.

In a very petty and small sort of way, I mentioned in my “goodbye I’m ditching you and here are the reasons why” letter that I was likely going to start Ocrevus soon and I needed a doctor I could trust. Considering that he’s been pushing me to take that drug for a couple of years, I got a little bit of glee out of saying “ok, yeah maybe I’ll take it—but not with you.”

As usual for me in all my bad relationships, I knew I deserved better but just continued putting up with the shit for so long. Here’s to me continuing to find my backbone and putting myself first.

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