A super big win

Sometimes, things happen that are so good, you can hardly believe it. I’ve been sitting on this secret for a few weeks and now I can finally talk about it.

I mentioned about a month or two ago that my husband might be getting a different job. And he finally got the job offer in writing and put in his resignation letter at his current job, so it’s all real real now.

This is the kind of good thing that doesn’t just happen every day. He wasn’t looking for other jobs but his boss from his previous job (now at a different company) called J up and said he wanted him to come work for him.

He asked about salary and J gave a bigger number than he’s currently making. Boss said, “well, actually I already got the budget approved for (much higher number.)” J said, “well, by the way, I’m currently going through chemo and will need regular time off for that.” Even that wasn’t a deal-breaker. Boss just said, “ok, we’ll use comp time for that.”

So J’s going to be making 30 percent more than his current job and will have comparable to slightly better health benefits. It’s also a significant step up in job title, too. He’s deserved the better salary and the job title for so long.

Even better, he’ll enjoy the industry much better. He’s currently working in IT security for a top-secret entity which cannot be named. And they have been really good to him, especially when his cancer was first diagnosed only six weeks after he started there. He has no complaints about how they’ve been as an employer.

But on the downside, it’s a very “good ol’ boys” network, very old-school Texas. Lots of casual racism and blatant conservatism. Tolerable, I guess, but definitely not work that matters to him or his preferred environment. And he’s been frustrated that he hasn’t had many opportunities to really show what he can do, instead being treated like a junior employee despite his years of experience.

The new job is doing higher-level IT for a business in the recycling industry, which is one of his most meaningful causes. He’s always wanted some kind of job where he felt he was making a difference for the environment. And now he’ll finally have that, as well as a much better salary than he’s ever had before. With this new job, he’s literally doubled his salary in a little over 5 years, when he first moved to Texas. (I feel like taking a bow for my courage in moving down here—literally 6 years ago today—to try to make a better life for my family.)

I remember on one of our date nights, he said that he wanted to have a job that mattered and matched his values but felt like cancer had taken that away. And here, out of the blue, an opportunity came to him to fulfill that wish. I’m so proud of his work ethic and the fact that this is not the first job he was offered without even applying for it.

At the same time, I also can’t help but worry about him. His commute will be longer. He’ll no longer have to be on call 24/7, which will be a relief, but in exchange, he’ll have to work a lot of overtime. (That’s implied by the new boss saying J could use comp time for chemo.) He’s going to have a lot more agency and responsibility, which are good things, but which might become too much to handle on chemo days.

I see how J is on chemo and wonder how he’ll do with long hours and long commutes. I fear it may be too much for him and he may get too exhausted. At the same time, though, he really liked working for this boss before and loves the nature of what he’ll be doing. He’ll have to do some corporate travel (hopefully not until this coronavirus thing blows over!) and will eventually have people across the country over whom he’s the manager. I hope that being so well-compensated and doing work that he enjoys in an industry he supports will outweigh the exhaustion factor.

Our lives are going to change in so many ways as a result of this job. Not just the more money but also when he’ll get home and how much time we’ll have together. I’ll have to take over cooking every day. Oh well, I’m in the process of changing my diet anyway, so maybe I’ll just have to switch the whole family over to my type of eating. (Evil laugh…but not entirely kidding.)

Time to look forward now, with a lot of joy and a bit of trepidation, too.

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  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    I really hope things work out for J and you ❤


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