Updates and stuff

So far, my husband seems to be tolerating the new chemo pills fairly well, though the effects are supposed to be cumulative so things may gradually get worse. At least there haven’t been any trips to the emergency room, knock on wood.

I had a nice break from regular stress by taking my youngest son and his girlfriend to a concert tonight. On the way there, he was talking about how much he liked the city compared to the suburbs where we live. And all I could think about was how much he sounded like my husband. He looks so much like his dad and even has a lot of similar life goals.

I’ve mentioned before that I got pregnant with him at a terrible time in my life and made two appointments for abortions and couldn’t go through with them. Several of my friends thought I was being irresponsible for keeping him, given my circumstances at the time. But you know, I’m really glad he’s here—and especially that he reminds me so much of my husband. My son is doing really well in school and on his college entrance tests, so he’s getting recruitment mail from Rice (the top university in our state) and Yale. He might just be the one of my kids who really makes it on a traditional path.

On the MS front, I found a study that’s a couple years old that said the supplement alpha lipoic acid is more effective than Ocrevus at reducing brain atrophy. It also reduces neuropathy and lowers blood sugar. I took half the dose recommended for a month and it didn’t seem to do anything—except I did have the best blood sugar tests at my doctor during that time that I’ve ever had.

Maybe I should give it another try and take the recommended dose. I’ll stay on my MS meds, too, of course, and tell my doctor I’m taking it. But anything that reduces brain atrophy deserves a closer look from me. Since it’s also an antioxidant that’s present in food, I should work harder again at keeping my diet clean.

So there’s not any really big news. But I’m feeling right now like I can handle whatever comes my way.

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