The writing life

For better or worse, I think it’s likely that I’ll continue freelance writing as my career for the foreseeable future.

I was messaging with Alyssa at Fight MS Daily about how to get started in freelancing and doing so gave me a shot of encouragement as well.

I’ve been feeling burned out on it for a while, but maybe I just needed a perspective check. I tend to get burned out in almost every job I do.

But freelancing uniquely suits a lot of what I’m looking for in terms of work. It allows me to set my own schedule, so I can nap whenever I need to, pick up my youngest from school, and make it to doctor appointments and therapy.

It also pays about double what I could earn at other jobs, so I make a very good living for part-time work. It also gives me some variety in terms of writing on diverse subjects for different clients, so I don’t get bored.

Also, it’s what I have the most experience in doing. Even in spite of my MS-related cognitive challenges, I’m still able to write. Trying to get a different job is difficult because so much of my experience for so many years has been as a writer and because I have physical challenges that would make it harder to work other jobs.

I do miss seeing coworkers every day, that’s true. But I could try harder to meet other people. And let’s face it: my personality isn’t particularly well-suited to working in corporate environments or with a boss breathing down my neck.

I may have essentially painted myself into a corner in terms of freelancing, but it’s not such a bad corner.


  1. I am sorry for my really late comment, but you know how crazy life gets. You helped me so much with trying to get into freelance writing and gave me a lot of encouragement. I was able to finish my profile, but then once I started working I haven’t been able to do anything else, but I do intend to! You are so amazing and inspiring Holly, and you know I will end up coming back to you with more questions!!


  2. Holly says:

    I will always be glad to help! Good luck to you. You can do it!


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