Why I still blog

I wrote my first blog on Diaryland back in 1999 or so. I began doing it regularly in 2001 and I’ve always maintained some sort of blog since then. In fact, it was my blog that led to getting my start in freelance writing (hi Dawn!) which I’m also still doing.

I was reading a thread on Twitter lamenting the fact that the old style of blogging and forum usage are dead and they’ve been replaced by Facebook groups and Instagram posts. Ah, the old days of the internet: sometimes I still really miss them.

So why do I still blog, even if the medium is “dead” and I have a fraction of the readership that I once did? It’s because it’s a form of expression that works for me. I also use a journaling app nearly every day to do more of a brain dump.

The fact is that even if few people read what I blog about and it will never make me any money, it’s still what I love to do. As I’ve mentioned before, freelance writing is unfulfilling and it’s definitely work for me. I want to have a different way to make money, especially because I really hate dealing with my own self-employment taxes.

Writing a blog is the way I express what I really want to say. As much as I appreciate everyone who reads it, I would still do it even if nobody read it.

Out of fashion or not, I still can’t get into the new forms of internet content and expression. I have zero desire to do a podcast or create content on YouTube.

For me, maybe I’m clinging to the past, trying to hang on to the form of internet content creation that has always felt most comfortable to me. Maybe I’m not making a community from it like I felt like I was 15 years ago but that’s okay. I need to say what I need to say. In fact, I probably have even more to say about politics, religion, and the state of the world in general. The internet at large can be distracted all they want by Facebook groups and podcasts and YouTube “celebrities” but I’ll still keep blogging.

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  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    I grew up when forums and blogging were “the thing” too.

    I like Instagram a lot, some people write long-form there too. I use some Facebook groups, but still prefer blogging for long-form writing. The relative anonymity forums provide vs Facebook groups where your Facebook name has to be in your legal identity card.

    There’s Medium for long form writing but I associate it with “infuencers” I guess? And I don’t like how you only can read a few posts per month before you have to start paying.


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