Trading efficiency for anxiety

So a couple of weeks ago, my neurologist prescribed a medication for me that was intended to help me fight fatigue.

To my surprise, it actually works. I don’t have to take as many naps as I once did. I still don’t have the energy for hours-long shopping trips or the ability to work on my feet for long periods. I’m nowhere close to being able to do a retail job, for example.

But because I’m not taking naps as often, I’m getting a lot more done. I feel more productive. I can keep up with household tasks a bit better. It feels good that I can get more work done, although it’s not really helping me focus any better on my writing work and might actually be making that worse.

It’s like a very artificial energy that only applies to certain tasks. I’m more productive and spend more hours awake, but I can also tell that the tiredness is still there under the surface and I’m just masking it.

There’s a downside to all this, though, more even than the fact that I can tell I’m still tired underneath everything. The price of my increased energy is that it has also dramatically increased my anxiety.

The anxiety I feel is pretty intense, too; sometimes it feels like it’s choking me. I have typical panic attack symptoms fairly often, which weren’t a regular part of my anxiety before. I already had anxiety but I could manage it well enough that it rarely got above a 2 or 3. Now it’s turned up to 11.

So I’m left with the tough decision: do I want to give up the productivity if it makes the increased anxiety go away? Or do I accept having to take more naps and being less productive so that I can get relief from the intense anxiety?


  1. Joshua Shea says:

    I think you should talk to the neurologist and see if there’s a different med you can try. It always takes a while for me to find the perfect answer, but now you know the upside and downside you can work to fine tune an a solution.

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    1. Holly says:

      Thanks! I’ll give my neurologist a call.

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