Just a short little note about my 16-year-old

I have access to my 16-year-old’s bank account since it’s connected to mine. (Makes it super easy to get allowance to him, since I can just transfer money in.)

I just checked his account activity last night, which is not something I do often because he’s good at managing his money. Something made me decide to look though, and I discovered that he made a small donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

I don’t know if it’s even technically legal for a 16-year-old to donate to political candidates, and he’s obviously not old enough to vote yet. But while all of my kids are politically aware, he is the one with the most hope and the strongest desire to see real change. The other kids are a bit more cynical.

My youngest finds a lot of reasons for hope in Bernie. Sanders represents the change my youngest really wants to see and he’s super fired up about him as a candidate. I have to say that it’s super inspiring to me to see his enthusiasm and that he hasn’t become cynical about the political process. Sometimes even I am guilty of falling into cynicism.

I’m just so incredibly proud of my kid. He really cares about wanting to change the world. He talks to me a lot about how one of his life’s guiding principles is the belief in making positive changes (in both himself and the world.) It makes me feel like maybe I did something right, but in truth, it’s all him. He picked up the torch in terms of making positive changes and now he’s running with it. I hope he never loses that.

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