Taking a stand

It’s funny because I’ve become so close-mouthed about my political views that I’m afraid to share them even here. But I’ve decided that has to change.

I’m not sure that Facebook is the right environment–for anything, really; I continue to distance myself from the site in general.

But the truth is that even if my views are now very unpopular, I feel the need to stand up for them all the more. When I told my mother-in-law (a diehard Trump supporter) that I had gotten approved for disability, she said maybe I’d start voting Republican now. My relationship with her is still very shaky so I just laughed it off like “anything’s possible.”

But the answer really was HELL NO. I am not Republican. Especially not with the deranged path Trump is taking the party. I doubt I ever will be. I mean, my parents are still liberal. I don’t have to go conservative for any reason. And frankly I am absolutely terrified of the way this country is going.

I may sometimes have personal conflicts about abortion but those are related to my own personal ethics, not what I think should apply in terms of law. I am completely beyond horrified by the draconian restrictive laws recently passed in Georgia and Ohio.

My husband says not to worry because they’ll be challenged before the Supreme Court and ruled unconstitutional. I am not so sure about that and it makes me very scared.

Although I am generally anti-abortion for myself, I don’t know what I’d do if we had (yet another) vasectomy failure and I got pregnant now. I don’t think my health would do well with another pregnancy, and I definitely could not handle dealing with the sleep loss that goes along with having little ones.

Really, the way things are going feels way too much like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and it terrifies me. I don’t want my reproductive capabilities to be controlled by the state. (However, in a Handmaid’s Tale scenario, I’d probably be sent to the mines because of my disability, where I would surely die. Disabled and nearly too old to bear children makes me all but worthless in that scenario.)

I believe the Republicans are dead-wrong on health care, with some saying things like if you live “right” you won’t have pre-existing conditions. How exactly is my MS a matter of not living right?

Somebody needs to put their foot down about usurious student loan debt, out-of-control medical costs, the horrifying future of the environment. To me, the Republican Party is for supporting the rich and screwing over everyone else.

Many of their spokespeople, if not their official platform, are anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, xenophobic, callous toward the poor and the disabled.

Just because I’m getting disability now doesn’t make me want to vote Republican. If anything, Republicans make me more afraid to be receiving disability. I am liberal and probably always will be.


  1. I am so glad you shared this Holly! I find it so hard to keep my mouth shut about the craziness with politics, but I have said a few things on my blog about it. I am NOT a Trump supporter at all! I think this man is destroying our country with every word he speaks and tweets. He is SO immature and very deranged! It is hard for me because my mother, step-father and father in-law all voted for this idiot. My mother still believes he is doing good for this country. I don’t know how anyone could ever believe in him when all he does is lie, make hate okay, destroy healthcare and is just a terrible excuse for a human being. I have told my mother so many times we just can’t talk about it because we disagree, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t continue. I was so irate I said to her, “Mama, it’s okay, it has been 37 years you can tell me I was adopted because there is no way I came from you.” I know that was harsh, but she is so blind and listens to his lies. She has a heart condition, her husband has Parkinson and I have MS. Trump wants to make everything Obama did for healthcare go away! I am so sorry that I carried on so much, but Trump and all his supporters create rage in my mind. Trump really isn’t the problem, it is his cult followers!


    1. Holly says:

      Omg I completely agree with you on all that, Alyssa! My own parents are Democrats but my mother-in-law is a diehard Trump supporter. In her mind, he can do no wrong and is going to save the country. It’s like how can you not see the things that are getting worse? Trump also creates rage for me. I had to cancel cable so I wouldn’t keep seeing the news because it was getting me too upset! It’s like he wants to undo every bit of safety net that we have and that scares me so much.

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      1. I can’t understand how anyone with eyes and at least one working brain cell can’t see how horrible Trump is. He is only creating more hate every minute of the day. I think it is highly possible he will go down in history as the WORST president we have ever had. My husband watches The Young Turks because he thinks that is honest news and the rest are had. I do agree with him, but I hate seeing anything the news says. I am a caring person, but I absolutely hate that man. Sadly, Trump isn’t the problem, it is all his cult followers. My mother, step father and father in law are all supporters and I am ashamed of them!! You and I are on the same page!!!


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