A moment of victory

I don’t have control over much in my life right now, between my husband’s cancer and my disability for MS (the latter of which seems to be getting worse, probably because of stress from the former.)

But we were able to do something today for my husband that was really important to me: we got him a different car. We took the bulk of my back pay from disability to put down on a car for him.

The reason that was so important to me was two-fold. One, he has almost always had a car he didn’t choose for himself, usually an older car of mine when I got something new, or something really crappy he had to get in desperate situations.

Two, his car was long past the point of being a money pit. As a GM car, it started to fall apart around 100,000 miles. We just spent $1,500 on repairs about six months ago. We took it to the mechanic and he said it would be “at least” $2,000 more for repairs again now and there was no guarantee that would fix it for long. He also particularly hated that car because it got very poor gas mileage.

We have to renew state inspections in June and there’s no way his would pass. So we were fighting against that deadline plus the fact that he’s not going to want to look for a car once he starts chemo.

So we found a car for him, a used Toyota Corolla with low miles. He picked it out. He likes it. Now we no longer need to worry about the vehicle inspection issue or trying to get a car before he starts chemo.

Honestly I thought it was the best possible thing I could’ve done with the bulk of my back pay from disability. I wanted him to finally have a good, reliable car. I wanted him to finally get a car that wasn’t a piece of shit and that he picked out for himself. He wanted a small, fuel-efficient car, and that’s what he got.

I hope it will be something that makes him feel like he has more control over his life at a time when so many other things are out of control.

I hope it will genuinely make him happy. He deserves it.

And now we’re a two-Toyota family, both bought from the same dealership. It also means no more GM cars for us. That in itself seems like a victory, as GM cars were a major Michigan thing and it finally closes the Michigan chapter of our lives. It’s the last major tie to Michigan that we had.

We get to move on into a new phase of our life. Some parts aren’t so good, but some parts are. This feels like one of the changes for the better.

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