Gratitude sets in fast

So I thought it would take longer to find the silver lining in my husband’s cancer. But today has been a good day so far and hope is coming easily.

His bosses came to see him in the hospital and brought flowers. It was the first time I had met them, but it really went a long way toward dispelling the fears I had about the security of his job. (Getting diagnosed with cancer six weeks after starting a job is definitely not optimal!) They were really nice and I got good vibes from them.

It’s funny because in a way, the company he works for is part of that stereotypical Texan good old boy network. But now he’s on the inside and they really do seem to take care of their own. Or at least that’s the preliminary impression that I get.

Right after they left, the surgeon came in and said he’d like to perform the surgery tomorrow.

And they don’t have the biopsy results back yet but they think it will be stage 1 or 2 because he doesn’t have any cancer markers in his blood.

Before I left to pick up the kids, I went into the restroom and was just overwhelmed with this feeling of relief. More than relief, gratitude.

From one perspective, I could look at this like we’re so screwed because he has cancer and I have MS. Oh poor us, why is life beating us up so much? Why do we both have these huge expensive health problems crop up just when we’re trying to get ahead?

But that’s not how I’m looking at it. I’m so overwhelmingly grateful that he’s very likely going to be okay because they caught it so early. And his bosses are nice and understanding. And he has decent insurance by today’s standards.

And my MS is not totally gone and these hectic days with less sleep are affecting my memory and I’m having more leg spasms, but I’m okay too. I can still walk. I can still drive.

We have amazing kids. Our oldest is helping with driving his brothers. The younger two both offered to lend me some cash since the hospital parking garage doesn’t take cards and getting to the bank for cash is just an extra hassle right now.

Everyone’s stepping up to the plate. We’re getting through this and I really honestly believe it’s going to be okay. I’m just grateful.

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