Finding the real me again

I’m really happy again lately, and I think it’s because I am finally getting back being to the real me again.

The real me apparently is happiest when I bake for my family, make bath products, and spend time in fabric stores. I’ve found that with coupons, fabric shopping is a pretty cheap addiction.

On the other hand, I’m on track to lose both my “VIB” status at Sephora again for not spending $500 there this year. I’m also not likely to reach the same threshold at Ulta either.

I like making bath products. I like things that smell nice and creating them myself. I like cute stuff, the kind of stuff my late grandmother (who was really kind of a snarky bitch, sad as it is to say) used to criticize me for as being immature.

I like making bread and cakes and muffins from scratch.

I’m not the most natural, makeup-free girl out there. After all, if I love making bath products, there’s a big part of me that loves pampering myself. But at the same time, I’m probably just going to let my hair grow long again (maybe coloring it with my husband’s help if I can’t get over the grays.)

He doesn’t care if I paint my nails or wear sexy lingerie or follow makeup trends. He likes me for me. And fortunately or unfortunately, the real me values comfort above pretty much all else (especially with the progression of my MS.)

Somehow in pursuing disability, I’m rediscovering the unique combination of interests that makes me who I am. And feeling like I’m good at things really does feel good.

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