MS and family

I was watching this video last weekend about how to heal MS with diet. So far I’m really intimidated by that, but the video is not the main point.

In the video, the main person they were following was the MS patient. They interviewed all his family members, from his parents to his siblings and even aunts and uncles. All of them were just so concerned about him and they made a big effort to learn about his disease.

Literally no one, other than my husband and possibly my kids, has been that concerned about me. The way the rest of my family has reacted, I might as well have told them I had eczema or recurrent athlete’s foot or some other completely benign illness.

Is it that the people in my family and my friends just don’t care enough to learn about it? Do they think it’s not that serious? Or was the level of concern shown by this guy’s family and friends in the video an unusual thing?

It’s really frustrating and I’m sure it contributed greatly to the fact that I was in hardcore denial that I even had the illness until my super bad relapse last year. Nobody else seemed to think it was any big deal, so why would I?

I know I’m very lucky that my husband loves me, because I hear about many women with MS whose partners abandon them. But I still can’t help but feel like it’s pretty crappy that no one else seems to even think it’s a big deal.

Applying for disability at 44 is by far one of the most depressing experiences of my life and it seems like nobody cares.

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  1. In my own opinion, I think so many people are very self absorbed in their own life and often do not care what others live with. It is great your husband and children are understanding and offer the support that you need. I will share with you that I was married at 18 and diagnosed with MS at 19. My then husband decided he was entitled to a girlfriend, I guess because she didn’t have MS. I made it through that and we went our separate ways. I needed someone who was true to me and could deal with my illness. My now husband has accepted me and my illness and I know he will never judge me and will always be there for emotional support. I feel so bad for those women out there that do not have support from loved ones.


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